Total Image Group for your custom work uniforms

If you’re looking for a reputable company to design and source your custom work uniforms, look no further than the Total Image Group. These Australian-owned businesses specialise in the design and sourcing of uniforms for nursing and medical professionals, and they also coordinate branding solutions for their clients. In business, image is everything, and your corporate workwear is vital for protecting your organization’s good name and presenting a professional image to the outside world.

Fully Promoted

Choose Fully Promoted Total Image Group for your custom work uniforms. Our uniforms can increase your brand loyalty and your team’s professionalism. Whether you need work uniforms for your staff or need to promote a special event, we have the perfect options for you. Choose from a wide selection of custom work uniforms and screen-printed logos and graphics to promote your business. You can even add a company logo to your work attire to further increase brand awareness.

As a franchise business, Fully Promoted offers a turn-key business model with all the necessary equipment, software, fixtures and furnishings. In addition to providing quality work uniforms and workwear, franchisees can also offer valuable services such as refurbishing a client’s web presence. Franchisees are provided with extensive training to help them succeed and grow their businesses. A fully promoted franchise costs PS120,000 to start up, but franchisees can continue to grow their business and improve their services while expanding globally.

Arrow Uniform

When it comes to the right protective apparel for your workers, look no further than Arrow Uniform. Offering over 28 styles in 18 colors, Arrow offers a wide range of products for every type of worker. From HI-visibility clothing to flame-resistant apparel, Arrow offers everything you need for your employees to stay protected from the elements and protect the brand. You can count on these protective apparel solutions to keep you and your employees looking their best and feeling comfortable all day long.

The company began as a family-owned business in 1937 and continues to build upon the core values of honesty and integrity. Today, they are known for providing the best service and quality apparel to the field. In 2016, the company partnered with UniFirst Corporation to expand their state-of-the-art technology and distribution capabilities. Together, the two companies have leveraged their resources to bring you total image. To learn more about the Total Image Group for Arrow Uniform, click here.

BOC Gas & Gear

When you’re in need of work uniforms, consider the Total Image Group for your custom workwear needs. The company was able to provide BOC Gas & Gear with the uniforms it needed to keep workers safe while staying within its strict safety regulations. Total Image worked with BOC to design and manufacture these uniforms through accredited manufacturing factories in China. Their uniforms offer a professional yet smart casual look while maintaining durability and work wear safety regulations.

With the help of its custom ERP system, the Total Image Group can enhance internal processes, streamline workflow, and better adjust to customer experience. The company’s employees can keep track of metrics through an integrated web application, allowing them to see sales statistics and compile reports. Ultimately, custom workwear can help your business look great, while preventing confusion about which type of work clothes are appropriate for your needs. With so many advantages to consider, you’ll be glad you selected Total Image Group for your custom work uniforms.